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Industry is the major user of energy in modern society, accounting for roughly more than 35% of final energy use. Coal or oil are heavily used, especially by primary industry and manufacturing and refining. Gas is being used increasingly to replace coal because it is a cleaner fuel producing less impact on the environment. Electricity is a one component of industrial energy use although its use in driving industrial components is very important.  There are short term and long term energy targets by every industry and they try to achieve this through variety of certifications etc. Govt is also implementing so many initiatives to save the energy in many platforms.  In view of increasing industrial growth in all segments over a period of time, consumption of energy is parameter to be monitored on regular basis for achieving profit targets and thereby conservation becomes integral component of our financial sustenance.  

For Whom: 

Engineers or employees of utilities / maintenance/ production / project management / Dept heads who are involved in cost reduction for any manufacturing industry.

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Date : 27-11-2018
Time : 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Contact Person : S Revathy

Contact No : 9962322893

E-mail : mma@mmachennai.org