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The world around us is evolving only on creativity and innovative thinking. A real good product or service invented should cater to the future needs in addition to catering to the present needs. This is where "innovation” plays a role. We may not be required to re-invent the wheel, but we need to think creatively to use the wheel in different modes. Creativity and Innovation are important for any business for growth and sustainability.

For Whom:

Being different and being creative is a major source of competitive advantage. If you want to be unique in whatever role you are in, this session can give you insights on being "Creative”. This session will be useful for: ·         Manufacturing teams who need to know the "pattern of creativity” to update their products·         Small/Medium sized business owners who need to strengthen their organizational culture of innovation and foster collaboration.·         Junior/Middle/Senior management executives to be a better "problem-solver” through creative thinking.·         Service providers/manufacturers to think in terms of "Solution First” approach to stay ahead of competition and to create new markets. ·         Start-up companies who are interested to find ways to grow through creativity and innovation.·         Individuals who are already entrepreneurs and who would like to move to next levels in their entrepreneurship journey.

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Date : 20-11-2018
Time : 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Contact Person : S Revathy

Contact No : 9962322893

E-mail : mma@mmachennai.org