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Dear Sir / Madam,

 Madras Management Association – Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

Presents Two Day Workshop in

"Advanced Excel”

(For HR, Fin, Sales, Marketing and All Functions)


6th& 7th March 2020

09.30 am to 5.00 pm


Ms Aparna Rammohan

CEO, Sri Sattva Group


Madras Management Association   
New 240, Pathari Road, (Off Anna Salai)   
Chennai – 600 006  



Are you dealing with numbers, calculations? Are you preparing invoices, budgets, sales calculation, proposals, DPRs, pricing calculations, purchasing calculations, payroll processing and other calculations in excel? If you are looking become a smart worker using quick excel techniques and avoid tedious long hours in excel, then, this session is for you to attend. CXOs, CMOs, CFOs, executives using excel in sales, marketing, purchasing, finance and other departments and students who are getting job ready, if you are thinking, excels are to make tables, then, think again! Excel is so much more complex than that. Excel can organize data in an easy-to-navigate way, Do basic and complex mathematical functions so you don’t have to turn piles of data into helpful graphics and charts, Analyse data and make forecasting predictions, Create, build, and edit pixelated images. Save hours of time spent on excel, by learning the advanced techniques.


This workshop is suitable for all professionals across industriesand verticals but require to have basic working knowledge of MS-Excel to be able to comprehend the advanced excel techniques.  




Module 1


  • Count and Sum: Count if, Count Blank/Nonblank Cells, Count Characters, Count Cells with Text, Sum, Running Total, Sum if, Sum product
  • Logical: If, Comparison Operators, Or, Roll the Dice, Ifs, Contains Specific Text, Switch, If Cell is Blank
  • Cell References: Copy Exact Formula, 3D-reference, External References, Hyperlinks, Percent Change
  • Date & Time: Dated if, Today's Date, Calculate Age, Time Difference, Weekdays, Days until Birthday, Time Sheet, Last Day of the Month, Holidays, Quarter, Day of the Year
  • Text: Separate Strings, Number of Instances, Number of Words, Text to Columns, Find, Search,
  • Text: Lower/Upper Case, Remove Spaces, Compare Text, Substitute vs Replace, Text, Concatenate Strings, Substring
  • Lookup & Reference: VLOOKUP, Tax Rates, Index and Match, Two-way Lookup, Offset, Case-sensitive Lookup,
  • Lookup & Reference: Left Lookup, Locate Maximum Value, Indirect, Two-column Lookup, Closest Match, Compare Two Columns
  • Financial: PMT, Loans with Different Durations, Investment or Annuity, Compound Interest
  • Financial: CAGR, Loan Amortization Schedule, NPV, IRR, Depreciation
  • Statistical: Average, Negative Numbers to Zero, Random Numbers, Rank, Percentiles and Quartiles,
  • Statistical: Box and Whisker Plot, Average If, Forecast and Trend, Absolute Value,
  • Statistical: MaxIfs and MinIfs, Weighted Average, Standard Deviation, Frequency
  • Round: Chop off Decimals, Nearest Multiple, Even and Odd
  • Formula Errors: If Error, Is Error, Aggregate, Circular Reference, Formula Auditing, Floating Point Errors
  • Array Formulas: Count Errors, Count Unique Values, Count with Or Criteria, Sum Every Nth Row,
  • Array Formulas: Sum Largest Numbers, Sum Range with Errors, Sum with Or Criteria, Most Frequently Occurring Word, System of Linear Equations


Module 2

  • Sort: Sort by Color, Reverse List, Randomize List
  • Filter: Number and Text Filters, Date Filters, Advanced Filter, Data Form, Remove Duplicates, Outlining Data, Subtotal
  • Conditional Formatting: Manage Rules, Data Bars, Color Scales, Icon Sets, Find Duplicates,
  • Conditional Formatting: Shade Alternate Rows, Compare Two Lists, Conflicting Rules, Checklist, Heat Map
  • Charts: Column Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Area Chart, Scatter Chart, Data Series |
  • Charts: Axes, Chart Sheet, Trendline, Error Bars, Sparklines, Combination Chart, Gauge Chart, Thermometer Chart, Gantt Chart, Pareto Chart
  • Pivot Tables: Group Pivot Table Items, Multi-level Pivot Table, Frequency Distribution
  • Pivot Tables: Pivot Chart, Slicers, Update Pivot Table, Calculated Field/Item, GetPivotData
  • Tables: Structured References, Table Styles
  • What-If Analysis: Data Tables, Goal Seek, Quadratic Equation
  • Solver: Transportation Problem, Assignment Problem, Capital Investment,
  • Solver: Shortest Path Problem, Maximum Flow Problem, Sensitivity Analysis
  • Analysis ToolPak: Histogram, Descriptive Statistics, Anova, F-Test, t-Test, Moving Average
  • Analysis ToolPak:  Exponential Smoothing, Correlation, Regression


 Module 3


  • Create a Macro: Swap Values, Run Code from a Module, Macro Recorder, Use Relative References,
  • Create a Macro: FormulaR1C1, Add a Macro to the Toolbar, Macro Security, Protect Macro
  • MsgBox: MsgBox Function, InputBox Function
  • Workbook and Worksheet Object: Path and Full Name, Close and Open, Loop through Books and Sheets,
  • Workbook and Worksheet Object: Sales Calculator, Files in a Directory, Import Sheets, Programming Charts
  • Range Object: Current Region, Dynamic Range, Resize, Entire Rows and Columns, Offset,
  • Range Object: From Active Cell to Last Entry, Union and Intersect, Test a Selection,
  • Range Object: Possible Football Matches, Font, Background Colors, Areas Collection, Compare Ranges
  • Variables: Option Explicit, Variable Scope, Life of Variables
  • If Then Statement: Logical Operators, Select Case, Tax Rates, Mod Operator,
  • If Then Statement: Prime Number Checker, Find Second Highest Value, Sum by Color, Delete Blank Cells
  • Loop: Loop through Defined Range, Loop through Entire Column, Do Until Loop, Step Keyword,
  • Loop: Create a Pattern, Sort Numbers, Randomly Sort Data, Remove Duplicates, Complex Calculations, Knapsack Problem
  • Macro Errors: Debugging, Error Handling, Err Object, Interrupt a Macro, Macro Comments


 Module 4

  • String Manipulation: Separate Strings, Reverse Strings, Convert to Proper Case, Count Words
  • Date and Time: Compare Dates and Times, DateDiff Function, Weekdays, Delay a Macro,
  • Date and Time: Year Occurrences, Tasks on Schedule, Sort Birthdays
  • Events: Before DoubleClick Event, Highlight Active Cell, Create a Footer Before Printing,
  • Events: Bills and Coins, Rolling Average Table
  • Array: Dynamic Array, Array Function, Month Names, Size of an Array
  • Function and Sub: User Defined Function, Custom Average Function, Volatile Functions
  • Function and Sub: ByRef and ByVal
  • Application Object: Status Bar, Read Data from Text File, Write Data to Text File
  • ActiveX Controls: Text Box, List Box, Combo Box, Check Box, Option Buttons
  • ActiveX Controls:, Spin Button, Loan Calculator
  • Userform: Userform and Ranges, Currency Converter, Progress Indicator,
  • Userform: Multiple List Box Selections, Multicolumn Combo Box, Dependent Combo Boxes,
  • Userform: Loop through Controls, Controls Collection, Userform with Multiple Pages,
  • Userform: Interactive Userform

For Whom: 

All professionals from the following domains:

·         Finance

·         Sales

·         Marketing

·         HR

·         R & D

·         Supply Chain

·         Operations

·         Entrepreneurs and Functional Heads

Key Takeaways:  

 At the end of the workshop, the participant will be able to:

·         Manipulate and Format data

·   Analyse data and present the results in a user friendly manner

·   Create charts / Tables that effectively summarize and present the raw data

·         Use formulae and functions for advanced calculations

·         Find errors on formula

·         Create basic macros for automating simple tasks

·         In-depth of Lookups

·         Data Consolidating formulae

·         Data Cleaning methods

·         Use of tools in Excel for applications various functional domains

Facilitator Profile: 

Ms Aparna Rammohan



Chartered Accountant (India)

Chartered Management Accountant (UK)

Chartered Global Management Accountant (US)



Managing Director, SriSattva Group


Director, IQPC India and South Africa


Active Advisor to Board of Directors of various Companies across the globe



Price Water House Coopers (PwC), Chennai and Bangalore from 2004 to 2009.


SriSattva Group from 2009 till date



Accolade as one of the "25 Most Promising Women Consultants 2018”, with 3rd Rank and the success story featured in the Consultants Review Magazine, Sep 2018 edition.


Serviced 850+ Companies as a part of professional career across various countries and Industries.


founded the Smart India Initiative to create awareness and inspire small and medium businesses to scale-up and to bridge a Global Network of professionals.


Expertise in Strategic Growth Consulting which includes structured funding, restructuring businesses, valuation strategy, risk management, start-up structuring, revenue growth strategy and taxation (direct and indirect).


Steered SriSattva Group towards being chosen as one of The 50 Most Prominent Consulting Companies by Insight Success Magazine (India and USA) in January 2018.

Charter Member and Governing Council Committee Member of TIE Chennai (Member by Invitation)


Institutional Member of Madras Management Association (Member by Invitation)


Member of CXO Club Chennai (Member by Invitation)



Key speaker in 250+ seminars organized by Corporate Groups, Industry Trade bodies, ICAI (India) & CIMA(UK)


wrote technical articles to various magazines on finance, business, operations and sales.


Faculty with ICAI and Authored guidance material for finance related technical topics for various academic institutions (including Symbiosis and other management institutions).


Awarded First Place for designing a business strategy in the International India USA Business Plan Competition conducted by the Oakland University, Michigan, USA at the age of 17.


creating audio and video lectures for ICAI towards academic development of CA Students, on the topics of Accounting, Cost Management and Financial Management


Facilitated GST awareness initiatives for government and private organizations through content creation (written, audio and video) and as speaker in their GST seminars.


One of the chosen GST Experts and Trainers of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India


Conducted several GST awareness campaigns to educate Small and Medium Enterprises on the newly enacted Goods and Service Tax, 2017 law in India, and spoke as academic speaker on GST at various professional forums



Played Cricket at National Level representing Under 16 Team for the State of Gujarat

Stage Performer in the Classical Dance – Kathak (and also involved in initiatives of developing the art of Kathak)




2013 onwards – Education Initiative for under privileged students


2015 onwards - Women Empowerment initiatives on creating employment and healthy living


2017 onwards - GST awareness to SME and for government bodies


2018 onwards – Educating SME Businesses towards growth


Fee Details: 


Members of MMA:  Rs. 4,500/- inclusive of GST 18%

For Non-Members:  Rs. 6,000/- inclusive of GST 18%


The fee includes Workshop Kit, Lunch & 2 Time Refreshments.

The cheque/DD to be drawn in favour of "Madras Management Association” payable at Chennai and be sent to:

Madras Management Association MMA Management Center, New No.240, Pathari Road (Off Anna Salai), Chennai 600 006.


GST: 33AAATM5522B1Z7


Please Note:


It may be appreciated that a minimum number of 10 participants would be required for the programme to go through. Kindly bear with us until we receive the necessary nominations for confirmation of the programme and making the payment

Please do not use the default"reply” button to respond to this mail as this is an Automated Software; we request you to send your nomination at the earliest to this mail;


Phone: 044-2829 1133


For further details contact:

Gp Capt Dr R Venkataraman (Retd) Mobile 94447 00068

Sriram Saravanan: 9952019173


Registration starts at 9.00 am and Workshop commences at 09.30 am. Prior registration is necessary. The fee once paid will not be refunded; change in nomination from same organization will be permitted.


We would be pleased to provide any other information required by you and look forward to receiving your nominations for the workshop. 


Thanks & Regards 


Gp Capt R Vijayakumar (Retd), VSM  
Executive Director  
Madras Management Association  
MMA Management Center, New No 240  
Pathari Road (Off Anna Salai)  
Chennai – 600 006  
Tel: 044-28291133/48632711 

E-mail: training@mmachennai.org 

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LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/madras-management-association

Website: www.mmachennai.org

Date : 06-03-2020
Time : 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM

Contact Person : Sriram Saravanan

Contact No : 04448632711

E-mail : mma@mmachennai.org